Always Poised at Mission Ready: AIM teams are deployed for Disaster Recovery Rapid Response in Texas, Florida, and in Puerto Rico—where we are supporting work under the LOGCAP IV Program for NORTHCOM.

AIM specializes in moving quickly, working efficiently, and getting the hard work done in challenging environments worldwide. We've responded to the Valdez Oil Spill, Operation Enduring Freedom, the Ebola crisis, the Northridge Earthquake, and more. Now our attention is on Disaster Recovery in the U.S. and its Territories.

AIM's Disaster Recovery Teams were mobilized in response to local, state, and Federal needs.  We are providing operations and maintenance services for man camps, demolition, procurements, logistics, cleanup, and light construction.

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Support Services in Remote and Austere Regions Worldwide for Defense | Government | NGOs | Energy

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World map with global project sites, personnel sourcing, location assessments, and their 8 offices in Calgary, Alberta; Houston, Texas; Amman, Jordan; Balad, Iraq; Entebbe, Uganda; Mogadishu, Somalia, and Shanghai, China




Facilities O&M and Base Operations

Facilities O&M
and Base Operations

Staff Augmentation

Recruiting and
Staff Augmentation

Workforce Mobilization & Deployment

Workforce Mobilization
and Deployment

Life Support Activities

Man Camps & Life
Support Activities





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