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Design and Construction

Consistent with the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), the U.S. Green Building Councils Leadership in Energy and Environment (LEED), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) practices, we manage vertical and horizontal design/build and design/bid/build projects for customers across our market sectors. We provide project, quality, and safety management personnel knowledgeable in the UFC and UFGS. Our personnel ensure work is executed to IBC, ASTM, NEC, BS, ANSI, API, ACI, ASME, AWS, NFPA, and all other guidelines.

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Facilities O&M and Base Operations

Whether we are supporting a half dozen buildings or over 600 facilities, we provide the same systematic response and care techniques. Our O&M services are turnkey. AIM provides preventative maintenance and minor repairs and we maintain the infrastructure, utility services, and base building systems, providing a holistic service solution.

Similar to our O&M services, our Base Operations support also includes grounds keeping, custodial, waste management, and DPW services. Through AIM’s single-source solution, we reduce our customer’s administrative oversight, which is typically required when multiple contractors are engaged.

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Staff Augmentation and Workforce Solutions

Our in-house recruitment staff are experts at sourcing and recruiting candidates worldwide—whether a single U.S. Expatriate Program Manager or a full workforce of 500 foreign and local nationals.

In Disaster Recovery Rapid Response situations, we put boots on the ground early and recruit from the affected areas, providing locals the opportunity to get back on their feet and have a role in helping their communities recover.

AIM is familiar with the nuances and intricacies of sourcing from one
country and deploying to another and in recruiting for projects in conflicted and/or challenging regions. We are knowledgeable in Combatting
Trafficking-in-Persons regulations, tax reporting, work hour restrictions, and
employment agency requirements unique to each country. AIM also operates
to the highest ethical standards and never accepts payment or gratuities in
exchange for a job commitment.

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Workforce Mobilization and Deployment

AIM has successfully mobilized and deployed over 10,000 Expatriates, Foreign Nationals, and Local National Personnel across the globe—sometimes in as little as 24 hours. We leverage our 20+ years of experience and use processes and procedures, checklists, and templates that are ISO-compliant to put people where needed, when needed.

Our comprehensive mobilization services include in-house travel coordinators, safety and quality personnel, and trainers to ensure seamless deployments. The care we provide for our personnel is evidenced through high retention rates and contract personnel eager to work with AIM on future projects.

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Man Camps and Life Support Activities

Once deployed, personnel require sustainment services in order to better focus on their jobs. AIM provides a widerange of life support activities — from basic services such as potable water and generator fuel delivery to total turnkey sustainment solutions.

We construct and furnish personnel camps to include dining and catering services, recreation facilities with computers and Internet access, and housing services such as laundry and cleaning. We also provide full-service camp operations and maintenance by employing certified electricians and qualified HVAC/generator technicians.

We also build (or provide) personnel camps or quarters for recovery workers responding to Emergencies or Disasters anywhere in the world. These camps are fully equipped to provide a comfortalbe, safe and secure respite area for short-term or long-term use.

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Emergency Response and Contingency Operations

When disasters happen, the Government and the Military need to act quickly to stabilize and secure the situation. Whether it’s a natural disaster, pandemic, conflict, or humanitarian mission, AIM is positioned to rapidly respond and deploy its Expeditionary and Assessment Teams within 12 to 72 hours, subject to visa requirements. Our mission-ready personnel are positioned in the U.S., Dubai, Jordan, and Uganda allowing us to quickly mobilization and be where our customers need us, when they need us.

AIM's management personnel goes on location to assess the situation and identify local suppliers, vendors, and resources. They do the critical work of establishing relationships with the local authorities, a key aspect of providing the services our U.S. Government and Military customers require for recovery and stabilization efforts.

Once on the ground, our Teams work with local businesses to identify in-country resources, which provide fast procurements that facilitate operations. When gaps exist, our regional Procurement Specialists find the required resources, balancing need against time and price, to meet requirements.

Drawing upon 30 years of experience, AIM has deployed Expeditionary and/or Assessment Teams to over 40 countries, often in the most austere locations, in as little as six hours’ time.

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Contingency and humanitarian operations are often executed in remote locations where the availability of equipment such as generators, HVAC units, electrical cabling, and everyday items such as garbage dumpsters and billet cots are unavailable in-country.

AIM’s procurement specialists leverage their global network of providers and supply agents to identify and procure equipment and goods weighing costs against needs and considering customs delays and duties. We present alternatives that help ensure items are on-site when needed.

Procurement and Logistics are critical—and often challenging—in Disaster Recovery Rapid Response situations as well. AIM’s international experience has prepared us to effectively manage challenging procurements and services where stakes are high, resources are scarce, and people are suffering—all while following Government compliance and safety guidelines. We have provided Procurement and Logistics Services during the Liberia Ebola crisis, the BP and Valdez oil spills, and the Hurricanes that ravaged  the United States and U.S. Territories in the summer of 2017.

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Logistics Services

AIM has well-established supply chain relationships, in-place contracts with international shipping companies, and alliances with regional charter airline operators.

Our Dubai office is strategically located and augments our capabilities by providing a staging area and routing hub to expedite goods in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We provide supply/goods management and examine transportation and distribution routes, scheduling, security challenges, tracking, and warehousing requirements. AIM coordinates transaction passports, local certifications of materials, customs clearance, and import tariffs to consistently meet delivery expectations.

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