AIM World Services Offers Scholars for STEM Program Attendees

Houston, July 19, 2019 – The University of Houston (UH) in Partnership with Chiyoda International Corporation invited Houston-based AIM World Services, Incorporated (AIM) to present at the Chiyoda Young Inventors’ Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Academy.

Hosted at UH STEM Center, this year’s two-week summer camp will be held July 8th to 19th at the Center. The Camp engages students, in grades seven through nine, to develop their ideas and design their prototypes. The goal is to peak the students’ interest in engineering, design, and innovation by taking an idea from concept to invention with focus on teamwork, problem solving, strategic thinking, and communication. The leadership team includes facility, alumni, and Noyce scholars from teachHOUSTON, and the STEM teacher preparation is program offered by the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Mariam Manuel, instructional assistant professor and STEM master teacher with teachHOUSTON, said students are provided with the opportunity to build a prototype that helps solve a problem in their lives or their communities. “Our team guides students as they come up with their ideas for inventions, collect data through interviews, and develop a customer needs matrix before they begin build on their prototypes,” Manuel said. “We also engage them in various STEM challenges throughout the academy.”

In support of the STEM program, AIM is offering financial scholarship assistance for both full and part attending the STEM Camp. “AIM is excited at the opportunity to help encourage Houston’s young inventors and provide them with an opportunity to expand their interests in science and technology. We look forward to partnering with Chiyoda International Corporation and the University of Houston in support of STEM education to help develop future scientists, engineers and mathematicians,” stated Darren Rowan, AIM’s Vice President.

Mr. Rowan is a guest speaker at the event and will make the welcome remarks. He is also a member of the judging panel.

Established in Houston, Texas in 1997, AIM World Services, Incorporated provides turnkey solutions and scalable services to its Oil & Gas and Federal customers worldwide. Often working in the most challenging environments, AIM has operated in 45+ countries rapidly responding to contingency and emergency situations. Their service offerings include talent acquisition, housing and catering services, workforce administration, construction, facilities operations and maintenance, and procurement and logistics support, among other services.

For more information about AIM World Services go to or call (281) 847-2000.

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